Sep 28, 2008

so i just watched... jeux d'enfants {love me if you dare} & to be honest... i don't get it. O.o;

it was lovely, but i don't understand the ending. otherwise, decent watch. my first french movie. anyone have suggestions?

oh, well. (:

Sep 27, 2008


i'm dying for a piece of pie. like... chocolate. but what saddens me most?
christmas seems too far. & so does the cold. its HOT here in southern california. UGH, haha.
anyways. my first time wearing my heels in public. here's my blazer, floral & heels combo. basic, maybe even boring.

so how are YOU, doll?

Sep 24, 2008

successful skirts.

meaning... well... i made them & they are wearable. well... not so much miss ZIPPER, because its very snug & very short. lol. but, whatever, i suppose.

first up is lacey. i was originally going to make this lace out of gloves, but i was like... NAH. then i was thinking... bottom of a baby doll? nah. thus the skirt. &YES. of course, i will not wear it in public like that, lol. in fact i saw a skirt slip & i'm pretty set on buying it.
second? julie purple. left over fabric from the zipper one. using the silk side. yeah, hence the JULIE. like... JEWEL tones. *sigh
third. my first. miss zipper. its so snug the zipper is crooked. lol. oh well. (:

so my best friend & i have started blogging. its quite... um... funny? not nearly. hahaha. but its FUN to do.
au revior. bonsoir!

Sep 22, 2008

hello, autumn

as the sky shifted from the dullest blue to the deepest indigo, the cool world grew still. unnoticed was the vastness of the yonder. the beauty held within those shapeless clouds. the sun long past the hemisphere, though still holding the little bright on the horizon.

i knew then.
autumn had taken its course.

so, guys. how AWESOME is the name autumn? great, yeah? i love that name. not that i'm going to go into extremes... but what the hey. lol. i just finished yet another silk purple skirt last night. basic. boring. but captivating in color. i need now some black spandex and ZIPPERS galore. ah, i love me them zippers. & do you know what is most unfortuante?
i long for the cremes, the nudes, the softest pinks and baby blues... i ache for LULA. anything similar anything whimsical.

when a few days ago i was eyeing a pair of buckled boots at kmart with too much interest. they were beautiful. but WHERE ARE MY SOFT COLORS?!
you're wondering why i ask this with winter around the corner?
haha. here in southern california... it doesn't get all too cold. but i suppose that's what's stopping me...

ANYWAYS, sleep tight, loves. gossip girl on tonight. & my tv is broken! i must resort tot he one downstairs. & sigh.

au revior, bonsoir!

Sep 21, 2008

yeah. i know. i suck at photography. i suck at "modeling" & quite honestly i don't think you can even call it that.
BY THE WAY. i discovered the most amazing thing ever. the cinnamon dolce latte at starbucks. YUM. also... also... i miss winter. thank gosh its coming.
blazer - target; blouse - petit mode; jeans - urban outfitters {ten bucks}; shoes - old navy {quite honestly, you won't see any other shoes... hahah.}; purple skirt - homemade! {SQUEE; made it this summer. fixed it last thursday. have yet to wear. similar to wendy's at hand it over, yeah?}

au revior, bloggers.

Sep 19, 2008

monki cheeky.

i love monki's many many lines... they're fabulous. i can't wait to go to europe, whenever that may be. cause i have got TONS of places to hit. mhm.

Sep 18, 2008


i would LOVE to own a copy of LULA. issue five... (: it looks incredible. i'm begging for softs now. cremes, whites, baby blues, nudes, light pinks, classic reds...

Sep 14, 2008

i love. love love. my new blazer. you would too if i had a better way to take pictures *is irratated
&dress. possibly for homecoming...?
anyways. i just want to say... i love lula magazine. it's beautiful & whimsical. someone up to buying it for me? (; jk.
blazer - target; dress - forever21

Sep 13, 2008

i am having trouble with these jeans, i think. they;re fabulous, but i don't quite know how to wear them... do you know what i mean? they're great, i just suppose i feel short & baggy wearing them. darn skinny jeans, & how they used to rule my life! NO MOREE!
haha, sorry for the crazy. anyways, i saw the dark knight yesterday & while heath ledger (may he rest in peace) did a fabulous job, i find other things about the movie... quite obnoxious. it was a good watch, but... not very realistic. obviously, right? what am i saying? haha.
top - uncle (he works in the fashion district & brings me goodies); jeans - urban outfitters (five bucks, man); shoes - old navy

Sep 10, 2008

wore my leotard today. with my lace skirt. i made it too & got a few compliments. i love this thing. *swoon

onepiece - h&m; clutch - vegas for ten bucks at that ten dollar store in the monte carlo

Sep 9, 2008

eye candy for today? my fabulous wool coat. honestly, i have the most insanely fantastic friends in the universe. got this baby for my birthday this year. want to hear a story?
its a week before my birthday, & i'm out "window-shopping" downtown ventura with my best friend & my favorite (should be) sister. we enter a boutique she found a dress in. we go next door. the luxemporium. & low & behold i saw it. on sale. still pricey, though... & impeccable. i walk slowly towards the fabric i wished could be all mine. in my size.
my best friend gushes how blair it is (yes. i went through a blair waldorf stage. its kind of embarrassing. only blair waldorf can pull off blair waldorf.). & then my sister friend agrees (she's the only one who read the books) & they urge me to try it on.
i do.
& gosh, i wanted to take it off before i started crying. you see, i went right after school. broke of course, because i have no money. ever. plus my friend's like eighteen & i'm like... fourteen. (at the time). soooo, i sigh. i swoon. i put it back on the rack, knowing there is no way in hell i will be getting that jacket. & then there it was. that spark of hope. the light of all that is holy. the reason for my being.
my birthday is next week. so i can take birthday money & buy it! YIPPEE!! i turn out okay.
so we leave & go to another store... when my best friend. hah. she goes & leaves us. "why" i ask. "noooothing" she tells me in the most unconvincing way. i already knew my band of friends was planning on getting me a surprise gift. i tell her "NOO". but knowing her... there's no way you can win. she goes. & when she returns i ask her what she did. "i just asked the lady how much the necklaces are. i saw one you'd like, & i put it on hold."
my birthday happens.
& i only get forty dollars. oh, darn.
monday.... the day before my birthday. & some time in between my best friend spills that she got me jewelry for my birthday.
so i dress on tuesday, my birthday & try to wear something i can match with my new present, whatever it may be. btu instead, i opt for a pink lace tank under a short sleeve cardigan some shorts, my white lace tights & some pretty little girl socks. i go to school. there are my best friends. smiley. "happy birthday."
"thank you."
one of them hands me the brownies she promised me. YAY! & then...
i see her. one of my besties peeking out of the classroom further down the hall. holding what looked like an american eagle bag. i think nothing of it. & i talk to my friends.
& then... the screaming. there's my same friend. holding the bag & bouncing & grinning. i look at her face... then the bag. the luxemporium all pretty with a pink bow tied at the strap. i burst out crying. YUUUP! in the hall. at school. i'm sure people think i'm insane. so i peek in & cry more, embracing the dearest people to me. my blair jacket folded nicely in the bag under sheets of pink tissue paper, cards scattering the sides. & the jacket & i? we lived happily ever after...

the end.

Sep 4, 2008

dress - h&m; shoes - old navy

Sep 3, 2008


so i'm planning on wearing my red & white striped sweater soon. *sigh it's just too HOT. COME COME winter & fall. a time for tights, coats & scarves. not to mention cute berets. Ahhh, & socks. Thick & wool. (:
i wore the tank top first day with a pair of ankle blue washed skinnies & beaten up keds... & i told my friend. "man i look like a - candy striper... A CANDY STRIPPER!"
Aha... Yeah. I know... You had to be there. Lol, anyways... Do excuse my poor modeling {if you can even CALL it that! *scoffs}
More posts will follow. (:

sweater - forever21; jeans - urban outfitters {five bucks last summer.}; shoes - old navy {ten bucks}; tank top - h&m