Oct 30, 2008

Oct 26, 2008

s'il vous plaît. (:

Oct 21, 2008

do you know olivia bee?

i'd just like to point out that apparently she's like fourteen & AMAZING. her photostream on flickr is dripping with inspiration. i wish i could lead the life she portrays in her photos. even the many scratches & wounds she gets are mesmerizing!

GO. olivia bee. (:

Oct 19, 2008

all the same. but a little more. this is my day so far.

Oct 18, 2008

my room. & swoon

Oct 13, 2008


so this was my weekend. my best friends. it was fun. (:

Oct 9, 2008

i love tiger lily & tiny teeth's flickr. it's amazing. (: i love to draw inspiration from there.

Oct 7, 2008

i just don't have any more words...

Oct 5, 2008

onepiece - silence & noise; leather jacket - charolette russe; leotard - given by a friend

Oct 4, 2008

good morning, indeed.