Nov 30, 2008

i want to write you. perhaps i could write letters everyday to people who i hardly know or know too well. & perhaps when i die, they will be sent. then people will know i'll always watch out for them. yes.
i would like to do that. (:
as of now i am winding & winding my music box which plays a song that will be very tired when i am done with it. as of now. somewhere over the rainbow has played a total of seven times within the last ten minutes, i should say. i would very much like to wear my mittens. i love my mittens. oh & my house is jovial with christmas spirit. papa's guitars line the base of the christmas tree & it is silly to me. (:

Nov 29, 2008

i'd like to be your silly little nerd.

Nov 27, 2008

while i listen to cassandra, the beat playing.
my headband glistens & the sun creeps by.
i smell like nina ricci & my fabric lays upon my bed.
i wrap myself in it.

i heart lookbook

Nov 25, 2008

i'm feeling rather collective at the moments, pardon moi.
today it rained. & i have felt a slight cleanse. but my, his eyes today. have you heard of these eyes? so piercing. is that so unbelievable? i'm aware that i am surrounded by such beautiful people, however, he just seems to take the cake. & whenever i truly imagine him, it's lunacy. i've never felt more smitten with the sight of someone. which is quite alright. i fear if he were to ever learn my name, all the magic would sparkle & fade away. that is why i am so content, with the adoration from afar. perhaps, if you saw him too you'd understand. even from far away his cheeks feel soft to me. oh the insanity of it all. the odd tense in my stomach, twisting & knotting. how my emotions play such a part! oh, the dread if ever i were to stop! but, wait. i have. so many times, reluctantly. it is alright, though. for, now there is something to look forward to everyday...

Nov 24, 2008


dear the tea drinking english rose,

hello doll. i would very much like to help you with your essay. (:
now. my comfort has always been. my twilight. by stephenie meyer. when i am absolutely upset to the utmost, i turn the pages of this silly book & day dream of edward & his undeniable affection for dear bella. it's truly beautiful. it comforts me for it leads me to a place up the coast, & in the rain with puddles of icy water & splashes. & a boy forever seventeen, that has captured not only the min character's heart. but mine as well. how? i don't quite know. i suppose its the reality of it all. the subtle fantasy. yes, actually. i do happen to use different objects, things words to help my through my time of need. often i'll write upon a sheaf of paper, or perhaps listen to my music. melodic piano instrumentals, etc.
anyhow. i do hope i've contributed. you're a lovely girl & i wish this would make it all the more easier for you!


Nov 23, 2008

this was amazing. in my opinion. since it's not very possible to fit everything from a book into a movie. (: but boy oh boy it was lovely. i loved the credits more than the movie however. (; jk?
i actually don't know. but this was a very good adaptation.

Nov 21, 2008

Nov 19, 2008

my heart is heavy. and the devastation weeps within my soul. how a boy was living his life one second, & lying with an IV in his arm the next. a man, terrified & frantic swept unconscious from a hit. & when he wakes up he has no legs... a little girl. it was an accident. she dropped it. & now everyday she is ridiculed... because all she wants if for her fingers & thumb to grow back.
i signed. i didn't think twice. i cried. it came naturally. & now it is my mission to get you all to listen too. take some time. be a pal. help out those people struggling. for many cannot hear. cannot see. cannot walk. & we. perfectly capable of doing all of the above.
it's a shame if you don't sign. & it breaks my heart if you don't even glance at it. please help me sleep comfortably tonight. please tell me you'll sign.
click the image to guide you to a better world.

abless at flickr
is amazing...

often i dream of a sweet boy who will tell me something like, "i want to be the hair in your eyes" because he wants to be the thing that obscures everything. i know it is silly, but often i wish someone would whisper in my ear. make it natural & beautiful. words like, kindle, soft, and charming.
because i like long walks by myself. thinking of the nights in december. watching the streetlights go on sitting at the window, arms curled around my knees. i like things people do not notice, cannot see.
& i like you. he has got part of my heart in his pocket. & the rest is on my sleeve.

Nov 18, 2008

there's beauty in every flicker of a candle & every sprinkle of dew. if we take the time to slow down, to even capture the essence of the air & what it evokes within you... maybe you too could witness beauty as people never do. it's the simplicity in that everyday things a gift. like the fluff of a cotton pillow. the crunch of the leaves. the pavement & its tiny crevices. let the little insignificant things inspire you.

Nov 16, 2008

Nov 15, 2008

i want this.

Nov 12, 2008

for i love pretty words for ugly things. & love & hope. i like grass & the setting sun. leaves & their silhouettes. & sometimes hot cocoa when it's cold. i like fog on a window. & mittens paired with red noses. the sky when it's purple, & eyelashes that fringe. the scent of cinnamon mixed with some sort of warmth. even ribbons in hair. i like streusel & purple yam. pianos & string. laced edges & pearls. i love saturday afternoons & grey clouds coating the sky.

good night, day.
where art thou, morrow?
i adore these settings. especially because i know it gets colder. (: i miss the christmas air. where everyone has to sleep with long johns & pretty silk robes in the morning. (:

Nov 11, 2008

if you please.
i dream of creme & soft strawberries with pink sashes & blue ribbons.

Nov 10, 2008

lottie has been horrible today. she's going about this all wrong. he's a fantastic piece of work & had he been mine i would greatly appreciate him. but she doesn't see it like i do... she can't tell anything anymore... i fear she's going mad. barking, she's always screaming about the house. & she even told him he wasn't fit enough to earn two pennies, not even in his whole life! that's a rotten thing to say. & atop that she declared her room was filled with a foul scent & she demanded i check under her bed! now it was awful, having to crawl about on all fours! dreadful! i don't know how anyone could put up with that. but leo... he looks at her... almost as if... he's entirely willing. how anyone would eagerly want to be with lottie, i don't know. i suppose it's jealousy. i would give the world for leo to look at me like he does lottie. the world & three stars...


Nov 9, 2008

hey there, you. how's the wind? blowing harsh & unforgiving. or quite the opposite, & merely a breeze powerful enough to let a feather fly higher than even the birds? or perhaps you're experiencing snow, sleet, hail, or rain. then you are lucky. the beauty of night taken over by the steady fall of a snowflake. how beautiful must your life be. (: to experience beauty & know what it is. for many are stuck with the billowing clouds or the scorching heat. we all need a little snow, i think. (: too bad southern california isn't getting any loving. oh, zut. *sigh

Nov 6, 2008

i want to be wendy waiting for peter to swoop in & save her.
someone new & fresh, ready to sweep me off my feet & take me to a place where time doesn't matter. only the promise of adventure & perspective ahead.
i want to be wendy. waiting.

Nov 5, 2008

Nov 3, 2008

so i've come to the conclusion that it is time to shed this mane i wear atop my head. & WHY?
because the top is flatter than the bottom... just... think... about that. :(
& my bangs are long. ALSO; my side part is pushing for the middle. which i wouldn't mind if i looked better with it like that. (: however... anyways - i want the straight bang. blunt? unblunt? not sure.

well, here's some virgin suicide for you. (: &HEARTICLE, oui?

Nov 2, 2008

tiger lily & tiny teeth has updated again, & i am mesmerized!
also, i just watched the virgin suicides & have to say it was beautiful.