Nov 24, 2008


dear the tea drinking english rose,

hello doll. i would very much like to help you with your essay. (:
now. my comfort has always been. my twilight. by stephenie meyer. when i am absolutely upset to the utmost, i turn the pages of this silly book & day dream of edward & his undeniable affection for dear bella. it's truly beautiful. it comforts me for it leads me to a place up the coast, & in the rain with puddles of icy water & splashes. & a boy forever seventeen, that has captured not only the min character's heart. but mine as well. how? i don't quite know. i suppose its the reality of it all. the subtle fantasy. yes, actually. i do happen to use different objects, things words to help my through my time of need. often i'll write upon a sheaf of paper, or perhaps listen to my music. melodic piano instrumentals, etc.
anyhow. i do hope i've contributed. you're a lovely girl & i wish this would make it all the more easier for you!


2 lalas:

the tea drinking english rose said...

you are wonderful for helping me so.
thank you ever so much. i am very dearly thankful.

that was a beautiful answer. how you can get so involved in such a storyline that you may drift off being in the story.
my friend adores twilight. and she cannot wait until the film comes out.

thank you again, so very much for being so lovely and helpful.

Elisabeth said...

miss elle,
i found your site through the unicorn diaries. i must thank you for the magic & authenticity you share here. i anticipate [brightly] reading your posts each day & catching the sparkles that are scattered in forms of art & words & every manner of loveliness. thank you [eversomuch].