Nov 19, 2008

abless at flickr
is amazing...

often i dream of a sweet boy who will tell me something like, "i want to be the hair in your eyes" because he wants to be the thing that obscures everything. i know it is silly, but often i wish someone would whisper in my ear. make it natural & beautiful. words like, kindle, soft, and charming.
because i like long walks by myself. thinking of the nights in december. watching the streetlights go on sitting at the window, arms curled around my knees. i like things people do not notice, cannot see.
& i like you. he has got part of my heart in his pocket. & the rest is on my sleeve.

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sparkle said...

i wish i would find this boy, and sneak in in his dreams at night, and let him know that theres a very special girl waiting, and then he would come looking for you, by spreading candyhearts all over the village, they would all lead to one place, to him, to a bridge over a little lake, lit by the moon. he would have put 76 little candles all over the place and you would go there and he would give you a kiss on the cheek and then say 'i like you, little one, i like you very much'
it would be very beautiful.
oh i wish i could find this boy!