Nov 19, 2008

my heart is heavy. and the devastation weeps within my soul. how a boy was living his life one second, & lying with an IV in his arm the next. a man, terrified & frantic swept unconscious from a hit. & when he wakes up he has no legs... a little girl. it was an accident. she dropped it. & now everyday she is ridiculed... because all she wants if for her fingers & thumb to grow back.
i signed. i didn't think twice. i cried. it came naturally. & now it is my mission to get you all to listen too. take some time. be a pal. help out those people struggling. for many cannot hear. cannot see. cannot walk. & we. perfectly capable of doing all of the above.
it's a shame if you don't sign. & it breaks my heart if you don't even glance at it. please help me sleep comfortably tonight. please tell me you'll sign.
click the image to guide you to a better world.

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karla said...

thanks for posting this- signing now!