Jul 30, 2008

blouse from mother. cut off jeans. gold flats {soo going to be thrown away}. braided belt. heart necklace.

Jul 29, 2008


my pretty purple scarf {urban outfitters}. black tank top {old navy}. black tights {target}. black cardigan {target}. black t-shirt skirt {made by me}. heart necklace {from boyfriend}.

Jul 19, 2008


*pout i wishh...

Jul 15, 2008


was bored. cut up skirts. yesterday. mehh. could be better.

black lace trim tank {mum's}. black cardigan {target}. black tights {target}. black studded skinny belt {forever 21}. black leather bracelet {hawaii}. cut purple skirt {oh yeah. target}.


seriously. i would marry robert pattinson. anywhere.
i did... & i'm surprisngly calmed... i watched it six plus times. (:
OMG OMG, HIS ACCENT IS FLAWLESS. PERFECT. SEDUCTIVE. UGHHH! marry me, EDWARD! it was amazing, you shold've seen it, it was WORTH IT! everything was amazing. I SAW EMMETT! I WANT EMMETT! the only thing that could top this is probably... the movie. (:
for some of you... who are... hiding under a rock. twilight is the best thing to hit... half the teenage girls in the united states, i think. (; so come on out & READ IT!!

Jul 13, 2008


its official. i found my DREAM car. i am only fifteen, but my parents are willing to buy me a car once i've graduated {or earlier} high school. now me? i want a hybrid. the end. need it. want it. not to mention the environment NEEDS & WANTS it. but... my love for twilight has made me come to the lunatic desire to own a volvo. YES, twihards. i wanna roll like edward cullen. because i swoon at the mere sight of a volvo {i saw four in the last two days. yesterday a silver one was parked in front of my parent's car & i just about screamed because i was going to watch speed racer which of course was supposed to have the trailer for twilight attached}. anywho - i was looking online today for a car since my dad said he was teaching me soon...

& i so luckily stumbled upon the sweetest car EVER! its all i'll dream about now...

i'm a little peeved with the doors going up like that. i mean... i dont want to attract too much attention. *rolls eyes
but isnt it luscious? to die for, right? well... for little obsessed me... it is. *SUPERsquee
& i never knew they'd have one! shockerpopper!

EDIT: & sigh. because i dont speak car & driver... my dad pointed out that the lovely car i want... is a concept car. let us all mourn...

Jul 9, 2008

black double layer tank top {my uncle works in the fashion district downtown la & gets me leftovers from his warehouse. hence the rubber ducky logo on the label.} heather grey shorts from when i was like... five? black tights. leather braided bracelet. crystal heart necklace. wayfaraer sunglasses {from a cart in hawaii. i got em for nine bucks. my mum talked to guy down. lol}. & my prized possesion {or one of them} my marc by marc jacobs super big bag! {it can seriously fit EVERYTHING.}

i dont mean to look like the grudge. hah. i just favor unkempt hair. so here i sit. finally wearing my glasses. need to. my eye sight is soo poor lately. *frowns

so i've seen the cover of EW... did you? TWILIGHT MUCH! unlike majority of the crowd. i'm completely fine with spunk's little get up. its not robert's fault the make-up & hair people didn't do a very good job. lol.
anyways. i miss my honeybunny. he's a sweetie. *fangirl sigh & swoon

Jul 8, 2008

dad's white tshirt. white short shorts. ugg boots. billabong purse {$50 but i got it basically FREE!}. my leather braided kapaliele bracelet {$10 hawaii}.


yesterday. acid wash jeans {$68 urban outfitters}. white tank. jacked up keds {$16}. purple scarf {$10 urban outfitters}. fashion bag {$14 forever 21}.

Jul 6, 2008

kapaliele - the girl.


so, i'm back from my WONDERFUL vacation. no really... it was... WHOAcool. i love waikiki! you really should make it your goal to go there! hawaii is just too pretty to leave. i was actually reluctant to go. & i had jillian {my laptop which i so sadly left behind}, my boyfriend & auntie to come back to happily. in yet - as we soared along the coast... seeing the last lights of the beautiful city i'd just lived at for 9 days... &sigh. it was nearly heartbreaking.

so here we go. my lists of shopping spots in hawaii! since i most unfortunately didn't receive any tips. :( lol. oh well.
*precious a store at marketplace near the ala mona mall from juicy couture to harajuku lovers. i was DYING not buying any of those adorable JC charms!
*kariza {you can find her stalls like everywhere}i am proud to say my most expensive purchase was & is entirely practical. its basically like this sarong type thing & can be manipulated to a thousand different skirts, dresses and tops. its ingenious, even my father & brother were awed. hehe. i'll have you know it was fifty bucks {pout} but to die for! i'll post pictures soon!
*the stalls / carts whatever floats your boat. basically there are a bajillion little stalls & carts in this "alley" {not really} with a LOOT of jewelry & a lot of wraps & SUNGLASSES!! {which you'll see me wearing... } its all cheap. just make sure you talk up the seller into giving you a cheper price. its called compromise...
*loco boutique  {there should be quite a few. there was one right next to my first hotel}although i did not gain the pleasure of even ENTERING the bloody store, its sooo cute. hehe. they've got SOOO many bathing suits & a lot the pretty japanese girls have the tote bags & floaties too!
*crocs {sold at like every store} even if its just a brand, seriously... everyone wears them. i love seeing te families wearing them in different bright colors, its so cute. the mom's got teal & the dad has orange. hehe. go buy someee! i did!! :D cute flats... you'll see