Jul 6, 2008


so, i'm back from my WONDERFUL vacation. no really... it was... WHOAcool. i love waikiki! you really should make it your goal to go there! hawaii is just too pretty to leave. i was actually reluctant to go. & i had jillian {my laptop which i so sadly left behind}, my boyfriend & auntie to come back to happily. in yet - as we soared along the coast... seeing the last lights of the beautiful city i'd just lived at for 9 days... &sigh. it was nearly heartbreaking.

so here we go. my lists of shopping spots in hawaii! since i most unfortunately didn't receive any tips. :( lol. oh well.
*precious a store at marketplace near the ala mona mall from juicy couture to harajuku lovers. i was DYING not buying any of those adorable JC charms!
*kariza {you can find her stalls like everywhere}i am proud to say my most expensive purchase was & is entirely practical. its basically like this sarong type thing & can be manipulated to a thousand different skirts, dresses and tops. its ingenious, even my father & brother were awed. hehe. i'll have you know it was fifty bucks {pout} but to die for! i'll post pictures soon!
*the stalls / carts whatever floats your boat. basically there are a bajillion little stalls & carts in this "alley" {not really} with a LOOT of jewelry & a lot of wraps & SUNGLASSES!! {which you'll see me wearing... } its all cheap. just make sure you talk up the seller into giving you a cheper price. its called compromise...
*loco boutique  {there should be quite a few. there was one right next to my first hotel}although i did not gain the pleasure of even ENTERING the bloody store, its sooo cute. hehe. they've got SOOO many bathing suits & a lot the pretty japanese girls have the tote bags & floaties too!
*crocs {sold at like every store} even if its just a brand, seriously... everyone wears them. i love seeing te families wearing them in different bright colors, its so cute. the mom's got teal & the dad has orange. hehe. go buy someee! i did!! :D cute flats... you'll see

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