Jun 24, 2008

marshmallow toast

basically a seemingly basic outfit. 
top: aeropostale
shorts: forever 21
belt: candies {skirt included}
dress: old navy
tank: aeropostale
tights: Navy Exchange on base {yes, navy brat} in the little girl's

9 lalas:

Weekly Blogette said...

wow u r so lucky
u can wear highwaisted shorts and know how to work them.
bc i know i doesnt look flattering on everyone, but u style them and wear them well!
p.s. come by my blog sometime if you'd like

Times of Glory said...

The highwaisted shorts with that skinny best look superb! I also love the 2nd nad 3rd picture... you are like a little ballerina and the lace tights are to die for!

Luella said...

Cute outfits! Annnd I love the song on your blog.

bear said...


Tinky Minky said...

Cute pink dress! :-)
I like your blog!

Sam said...

love those high waisted shorts!

Danz said...

You look great in those high waisted shorts and the pink dress is so sweet!

Wendy said...

The high waisted shorts are so stylish.

Mimi said...

These shorts look SO good on you and the dress is truly gorgeous.