Jun 19, 2008


so instead of going to the mall... {btw, i had two chances to go this week} i went... other... places. *sigh. which means i am basically never going to get the pretty cheap things at f21. but i did manage to go to target. i am a sucker for target. might i add it is the second time i've walked into a target that did not contain the fabulous oxford flat shoes. grr. anyways. i got this grey braided strap tank. seemingly ordinary, i know, but very versatile in my eyes... & i managed to finish sewing up that skirt! *squee mind you it is only a test skirt, and hopefully i'll be making a better one SOON. now i just got to start putting up some outfits! *dies

well, at least i've got hawaii to look forward to. this month... VERY soon. any
one got a store they'd like to recommend? i'm gushing with excitement. maybe some pictures...?

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Sam said...

i like that dress. have fun in hawaii!