Jul 9, 2008

black double layer tank top {my uncle works in the fashion district downtown la & gets me leftovers from his warehouse. hence the rubber ducky logo on the label.} heather grey shorts from when i was like... five? black tights. leather braided bracelet. crystal heart necklace. wayfaraer sunglasses {from a cart in hawaii. i got em for nine bucks. my mum talked to guy down. lol}. & my prized possesion {or one of them} my marc by marc jacobs super big bag! {it can seriously fit EVERYTHING.}

i dont mean to look like the grudge. hah. i just favor unkempt hair. so here i sit. finally wearing my glasses. need to. my eye sight is soo poor lately. *frowns

so i've seen the cover of EW... did you? TWILIGHT MUCH! unlike majority of the crowd. i'm completely fine with spunk's little get up. its not robert's fault the make-up & hair people didn't do a very good job. lol.
anyways. i miss my honeybunny. he's a sweetie. *fangirl sigh & swoon

3 lalas:

Vintage Vinyl said...

Great outfit! You look comfortable and cool.

Taghrid said...

cute and comfy. and great bag, i like tat color alot.

Bombchell said...

so cute. I want the whole outfit! you could keep the bag though.