Nov 25, 2008

i'm feeling rather collective at the moments, pardon moi.
today it rained. & i have felt a slight cleanse. but my, his eyes today. have you heard of these eyes? so piercing. is that so unbelievable? i'm aware that i am surrounded by such beautiful people, however, he just seems to take the cake. & whenever i truly imagine him, it's lunacy. i've never felt more smitten with the sight of someone. which is quite alright. i fear if he were to ever learn my name, all the magic would sparkle & fade away. that is why i am so content, with the adoration from afar. perhaps, if you saw him too you'd understand. even from far away his cheeks feel soft to me. oh the insanity of it all. the odd tense in my stomach, twisting & knotting. how my emotions play such a part! oh, the dread if ever i were to stop! but, wait. i have. so many times, reluctantly. it is alright, though. for, now there is something to look forward to everyday...

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