Dec 11, 2008

i'm feeling a little down in the dumps today.
perhaps it is nothing, but i am slightly worried.
et toi, mon amie?

2 lalas:

sparkle said...

i felt the same as you the whole week but today its better.. or well i dont know actually,
perhaps i got used to the feeling,

oh sweetheart i wish youd smile, little one.

the tea drinking english rose said...

please do not feel like that.

you are much too much of a pretty little thing to be so grey. you should be glowing and smilie and wonderfully happy for christmas is just around the corner my love.
only 11 days. we can be festive lots until then. we can sing and dance and eat mince pies with warm tea or eggnog.

we shall be happy for such excitement to become such wonder, with floors covered in unwrapped gift paper. and gift ribbon in our hair.
please smile lots and loads. even for just me?