Dec 13, 2008

this is my christmas blouse. i am most excited to wear it for the twenty-fifth. with a star around my neck too!
oh, the moon was out tonight, hung so low along the horizon, a golden yellow, the crevices & indents so prominent. it truly was a sight. &MY! how people cannot appreciate it! how amazing it was to me! something beautiful, just dismissed! oh, what a shame! i truly do not know how creative people make it. for the ignorance others hold in the art department is truly poor! i cannot help but be astounded! do you understand what i mean? what if i don't want to match? & all of you think it is alright that your socks are not paired correctly. so what can i not wear shoes that don't match my dress? is it a crime to be different? i understand my hair is a wretched mess, but it belongs to me, for it grows out of my head! can i not have it the way i want?
i feel to horrid lately. i am slipping back into the days. the days i feel no one understands who i am. that i do everything with reason. oh, what a pity people only look with eyes half closed & mind not open!
i am distressed, i apologize. & i do not wish to hamper on anyone's spirits. i just want to be loved is all. & how silly, i am hardly deprives of it. perhaps i am just ranting? oh yes, very much so. it is like hermione on spew! hah ha! i do miss my potter... mm, yes. well, if you do read this, i hope you realize my mind is hardly as deep as a ditch. how awful! i must sound like a petulant thirteen year old! i am not thirteen, i am a very very precocious fifteen year old.
oh am i? do tell. your answer excited me.

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Ester said...

the blouse is beautiful! the necklace is perfect for the blouse! cant wait to see a picture with the complete outfit


Elisabeth said...

oh elle,
i do not know you, but i feel connected to you. i love to read your thoughts.
your outfit sparkles just right.
i'm stunned by the dismissal of some of the most beautiful things, in nature, for example. daily gifts of nature. the lack of appreciation makes me mourn. do you receive censure for 'mismatched' shoes & creative outfit pairings? i do. it spoils my delight & my boldness.
well, lovely, i may not be making much sense, but thank you for your posts. [really](really), thank you. i cannot just read them and pass by...i must comment.

M @ Wearfare said...

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Andy said...

this is so sweet!
new post on my blog
check it out


the yellow elephant said...

oh, what a sweet top!and i did see that you love H.Potter, lovely!

Beka said...

That top looks adorable! I wish I could see more. I think the heart necklace is the perfect touch. Knowing me, I'll probably wear something festively tacky. All white with red tights maybe?

ailin said...

hi, are you truelly 15? your words are so wise, i am 15 too and i can absolutely understand what you mean when you talk about the moon. Once i saw the moon bigger and yellower than usual too and it amazed me. The next day i asked if anyone else saw it, when we were in class, and alot of people laughed..........i guess some just dont appreciate these magical things on earth. espesially people our age. its a shame really.

and just wear whatever clothes you want and do your hair however you desire! who cares about what others think! I know its hard, i have truble with that too.

sorry for the very long comment.