Sep 9, 2008

eye candy for today? my fabulous wool coat. honestly, i have the most insanely fantastic friends in the universe. got this baby for my birthday this year. want to hear a story?
its a week before my birthday, & i'm out "window-shopping" downtown ventura with my best friend & my favorite (should be) sister. we enter a boutique she found a dress in. we go next door. the luxemporium. & low & behold i saw it. on sale. still pricey, though... & impeccable. i walk slowly towards the fabric i wished could be all mine. in my size.
my best friend gushes how blair it is (yes. i went through a blair waldorf stage. its kind of embarrassing. only blair waldorf can pull off blair waldorf.). & then my sister friend agrees (she's the only one who read the books) & they urge me to try it on.
i do.
& gosh, i wanted to take it off before i started crying. you see, i went right after school. broke of course, because i have no money. ever. plus my friend's like eighteen & i'm like... fourteen. (at the time). soooo, i sigh. i swoon. i put it back on the rack, knowing there is no way in hell i will be getting that jacket. & then there it was. that spark of hope. the light of all that is holy. the reason for my being.
my birthday is next week. so i can take birthday money & buy it! YIPPEE!! i turn out okay.
so we leave & go to another store... when my best friend. hah. she goes & leaves us. "why" i ask. "noooothing" she tells me in the most unconvincing way. i already knew my band of friends was planning on getting me a surprise gift. i tell her "NOO". but knowing her... there's no way you can win. she goes. & when she returns i ask her what she did. "i just asked the lady how much the necklaces are. i saw one you'd like, & i put it on hold."
my birthday happens.
& i only get forty dollars. oh, darn.
monday.... the day before my birthday. & some time in between my best friend spills that she got me jewelry for my birthday.
so i dress on tuesday, my birthday & try to wear something i can match with my new present, whatever it may be. btu instead, i opt for a pink lace tank under a short sleeve cardigan some shorts, my white lace tights & some pretty little girl socks. i go to school. there are my best friends. smiley. "happy birthday."
"thank you."
one of them hands me the brownies she promised me. YAY! & then...
i see her. one of my besties peeking out of the classroom further down the hall. holding what looked like an american eagle bag. i think nothing of it. & i talk to my friends.
& then... the screaming. there's my same friend. holding the bag & bouncing & grinning. i look at her face... then the bag. the luxemporium all pretty with a pink bow tied at the strap. i burst out crying. YUUUP! in the hall. at school. i'm sure people think i'm insane. so i peek in & cry more, embracing the dearest people to me. my blair jacket folded nicely in the bag under sheets of pink tissue paper, cards scattering the sides. & the jacket & i? we lived happily ever after...

the end.

2 lalas:

Mimi said...

love your coat.

c h a n t e l l e said...

oh em gee that is actually the most beautiful coat...