Sep 22, 2008

hello, autumn

as the sky shifted from the dullest blue to the deepest indigo, the cool world grew still. unnoticed was the vastness of the yonder. the beauty held within those shapeless clouds. the sun long past the hemisphere, though still holding the little bright on the horizon.

i knew then.
autumn had taken its course.

so, guys. how AWESOME is the name autumn? great, yeah? i love that name. not that i'm going to go into extremes... but what the hey. lol. i just finished yet another silk purple skirt last night. basic. boring. but captivating in color. i need now some black spandex and ZIPPERS galore. ah, i love me them zippers. & do you know what is most unfortuante?
i long for the cremes, the nudes, the softest pinks and baby blues... i ache for LULA. anything similar anything whimsical.

when a few days ago i was eyeing a pair of buckled boots at kmart with too much interest. they were beautiful. but WHERE ARE MY SOFT COLORS?!
you're wondering why i ask this with winter around the corner?
haha. here in southern california... it doesn't get all too cold. but i suppose that's what's stopping me...

ANYWAYS, sleep tight, loves. gossip girl on tonight. & my tv is broken! i must resort tot he one downstairs. & sigh.

au revior, bonsoir!

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