Sep 13, 2008

i am having trouble with these jeans, i think. they;re fabulous, but i don't quite know how to wear them... do you know what i mean? they're great, i just suppose i feel short & baggy wearing them. darn skinny jeans, & how they used to rule my life! NO MOREE!
haha, sorry for the crazy. anyways, i saw the dark knight yesterday & while heath ledger (may he rest in peace) did a fabulous job, i find other things about the movie... quite obnoxious. it was a good watch, but... not very realistic. obviously, right? what am i saying? haha.
top - uncle (he works in the fashion district & brings me goodies); jeans - urban outfitters (five bucks, man); shoes - old navy

3 lalas:

Wendy said...

Hmmm... maybe a tighter top to contrast with the baggyish jeans? Its a really nice color.

emily said...

those jeans are SO good!

yiqin; said...

I like that you didn't rotate the photos! Hahah so fun.