Sep 24, 2008

successful skirts.

meaning... well... i made them & they are wearable. well... not so much miss ZIPPER, because its very snug & very short. lol. but, whatever, i suppose.

first up is lacey. i was originally going to make this lace out of gloves, but i was like... NAH. then i was thinking... bottom of a baby doll? nah. thus the skirt. &YES. of course, i will not wear it in public like that, lol. in fact i saw a skirt slip & i'm pretty set on buying it.
second? julie purple. left over fabric from the zipper one. using the silk side. yeah, hence the JULIE. like... JEWEL tones. *sigh
third. my first. miss zipper. its so snug the zipper is crooked. lol. oh well. (:

so my best friend & i have started blogging. its quite... um... funny? not nearly. hahaha. but its FUN to do.
au revior. bonsoir!

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yiqin; said...

I LOVE THE EXPOSED ZIPPERS! Well done! The last one is amazing as well :)