Sep 21, 2008

yeah. i know. i suck at photography. i suck at "modeling" & quite honestly i don't think you can even call it that.
BY THE WAY. i discovered the most amazing thing ever. the cinnamon dolce latte at starbucks. YUM. also... also... i miss winter. thank gosh its coming.
blazer - target; blouse - petit mode; jeans - urban outfitters {ten bucks}; shoes - old navy {quite honestly, you won't see any other shoes... hahah.}; purple skirt - homemade! {SQUEE; made it this summer. fixed it last thursday. have yet to wear. similar to wendy's at hand it over, yeah?}

au revior, bloggers.

2 lalas:

yiqin; said...

I actually think the photos are really fun! Hahah the skirt wit gold zips are super! said...

nice homemade skirt!!